If you want to GAIN simple yet powerful skills to change your negative feelings into a positive then this workshop is perfect for you.

Taking control of these feelings when you experience them is so empowering and powerful for your mental well-being and physical health.

I will share the exact skills and techniques I use to keep my mental well-being strong that stopped 30 years of negativity.

Make it to the top of your mountain.

This workshop will give you the knowledge and skills to take control of your unconscious mind enabling you to change your feelings easily and quickly so you can create the outcomes you want.

You already know that negative feelings are causing you to be stuck, yet when you learn how to use your machine (mind and body) you can become free.


What would this freedom mean to you? Imagine what impact this would have your life, family, work, relationships and in achieving your goals.


I will openly and honestly share the learnings that resulted in me creating coaching and training business enabling others to have their own successes. Using a variety of skills and techniques enhanced through NLP and personal experience you too can learn how to change the feelings.


This workshop will be a live online virtual class just for a limited number to ensure maximum impact and engagement. You will work with me and others within the group to personally experience the skills and learn how powerful they are for yourself.


Come, download and upload your new skills during the live virtual session…

  • Discover how your unconscious mind creates your feelings and how you can use this knowledge to change your own feelings

  • Uncover how you create positive feelings and how you can turn them on just like a switch on the wall

  • Begin to master your machine with greater skill and techniques.


Having the confidence and capability to change your feeling effectively through understanding the unconscious mind means you can thrive in any direction you wish to develop.


The live virtual classroom sessions will focus on:


Change Negative Feelings

  • How your unconscious mind creates states and creating new resourceful states.

  • Discover how you can change how events, items and situations are represented internally.

  • Develop a set of strategies that you can use when you want or need to change how you are feeling.

  • Plus an opportunity to explore further through questions and discussions.


Please note this is not training for NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis or Coaching. It is designed to give you a set of skills and strategies that you can personally use to change your feelings.

As an accomplished trainer for the past 15 years delivering training to thousands of people from all walks of life, this workshop will be engaging and fun allow you to learn comfortably.

energy flows were the focus goes 

Doing NLP with Dave was enlightening, to say the least. Being able to let go of things I wasn't aware of in my subconscious feels like a weight being lifted off me. I highly recommend the service offered, Dave is honest and makes what could be a very difficult process to feel natural and never took me out of my comfort zone. The session was done remotely via a web link due to geographical limits so that's also a big plus for me. 



Dave was amazing. I’ve suffered from anxiety and self-doubt for a few years and never really understood how to control it. After my session with Dave I felt more at ease and able to think more clearly. I’d recommend his services to anyone feeling overwhelmed, confused and mentally exhausted.


you can change your life through taking action

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COURSE: Change Negative Feelings

DATE/LOCATION: 31st October 2020 - Online*

DURATION: 6 hours

TIME: 10am - 4:00pm

PRICE: £97.00


offer expires 26th October 2020