fed up of

Yes? So if you are feeling fed up, anxious, frustrated, low confidence or stuck you should ask yourself:

What would your life look like if every day you were super confident and free to achieve your goals?

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My Breakthrough Mastermind Coaching Programme is about us working together to get you free and achieving the result you want to achieve.


We will do this by working on every area of your life that affects your ability to be a happy and successful.

The programme is designed to be delivered over 12 months ensuring your success through accountability of actions and having me in your corner.

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My core value is that it is all about you, meaning I will do whatever it takes to make your coaching package a success for you.

When you start working with me you will get your own tailored coaching plan that is specific to clearing out the blockages that have been holding you back.

I am that confident in the Breakthrough Mastermind Coaching programme, I am offering a 100% results guarantee.  If you don't get the result you want within the agreed time, I'll continue to work with you for an additional 12 months at no extra cost.

I promise I will do everything in my power to get you the result you're looking for. Of course you will have to do 'your bit' as well.

If you:

  • complete all the pre-coaching work

  • attend all Breakthrough Mastermind Coaching sessions

  • implement the strategies I teach you

  • take agreed actions at the agreed times

  • ask for help if/when you're struggling

...and if you still don't get the results you want then I'll continue to work with you for an additional 12 months at no extra cost.

Fair enough?

The reason I can make this promise is because I know Breakthrough Mastermind Coaching works. Hundreds of people have been successful through the programme and continue to get results.




all about

...and that's why I have created the Breakthrough Mastermind Coaching programme to help YOU to get the goals and outcomes you deserve.

The 12 month programme is extremely intense and productive. Mastermind coaching is not just about me sharing knowledge, skills and removing your blockages, it is about you doing and taking action. A large part of your programme is dedicated to accountability to ensure you are keeping on track to achieve the goals you set. This accountability includes regular 1:1 coaching sessions, plus group support and workshops.


I'll be there to support you, yet I will also be real and honest with you to challenge you when it is needed to get what you want.


My coaching is balanced to work with you to rid those blockages that have kept you stuck and then working with you to take the actions needed to create boundaries and positive habits for success.


As someone who has worked in the coaching, training and education world for over 20 years I know when things are made easy to understand, they are easier to implement consistently. When you constantly and consistently work together you will easily get where you want to be.

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Your 12 month Breakthrough Mastermind Coaching programme is intensive and personally designed for your individual needs and goals, your programme will include:

  • Discovery Call

  • Pre-Coaching Work

  • Two full intensive coaching days

  • Personalised goals and action plan

  • 12 x 1:1 accountability coaching half days

  • Unlimited text/email/messenger coaching support

  • Breakthrough Mastermind Coaching Vault access

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Every single coaching package starts with a FREE Discovery Call via Zoom so to we can both see if we are good match. It is key for the coach, coachee and programme to be a good fit ensuring maximum potential of success. There are many brilliant coaches out there, yet if you clash it will be an uphill struggle.


After the initial free Discovery Call a second is arranged to take a full and detailed breakdown to create you personalised coaching plan.

Working from Home


Purposeful and specific exercises will be given to you that must be complete and returned at the agreed date to prepare yourself for you two day intensive coaching session.


The exercises will help you to discover and explore potential patterns/habits that have been keeping you stuck. They will also give me an insight too on the best direction to take you personalised coaching sessions. 


Two days of full on and intensive 1:1 coaching allowing us to explore your self-limiting beliefs causing your blockages. These exploring's and using a variety of skills and techniques you will remove what has been keeping you stuck, creating a freedom and lifting of the barriers.

During the two days we will also work on creating the goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months and beyond, then setting them on your time line enabling you to know what steps you need to take to create them.



A dream is only and dream until it is written down, then it becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps is a plan. A plan backed up with consistent actions makes a dream come true...

Having a specific and measurable action plan you can work towards making your goal a reality. You will receive a personalised and agreed action plan of what you will do to make it happen.



Each month after your two days intensive coaching we will meet and have half day coaching sessions to ensure your are taking action towards your goals.

Plus they are a great opportunity to catch any new self-limiting beliefs and remove them before they get you stuck again.

Having someone to keep you accountable makes the goals real and actionable.

Mobile Phone


From time to time you may just need a little boost, having that someone in your corner supporting and caring about your outcomes helps.

You can text, email or messenger anytime looking for support and you will get a reply as soon as I can give you one within the 24 hours window.



This is a lifetime access to my ever growing resource of files, exercises, PDF guides, audios, training videos and so much more.

Going forward there will also be copies of the Breakthrough Mastermind Coaching private group coaching session (starting 2022).

Everything in the vault is there for you to use personally and benefit from.


| am fed up of being fed up

If you are ready to invest in yourself and willing to do the hard work it takes to make life easy then this is right place to when you invest in your Breakthrough Mastermind Coaching you will get:

  • 12 months personalised coaching and support

  • 2 full days of intensive coaching removing your blockages and self limiting beliefs

  • Personalised goal and action plan

  • Accountability and coaching sessions

  • Unlimited text and email support

  • Lifetime Breakthrough Mastermind Coaching Access

  • Plus a load of other gifts and bonuses throughout the year

...and I guarantee to work with you until you get the results you want without any additional cost to you...

So let me ask you an important question...

With my help and expertise, how different do you think your life, business or carer would be in 12 months?

As long as it is significantly different to what it is now or would be in the future if you do nothing, it's got to be worth at least considering working with me, right?

My experience is that your gut instinct is always right. And if you gut is telling you right now that you might want to work with me, I urge to go ahead and book a FREE Discovery Call, what do you have to lose?





NLP allows to do more than just set goals, understanding the unconscious patterns and what is truly important to you, including your values.



With NLP enabling that positive mindset you will find it easy to create the actions you need to reach your goals.



Changing those old ineffective beliefs around into new positive and productive ones is really easy to do with NLP and Time Line Therapy. 



One of the powerful tools of NLP is being able to resolve those internal conflicts to discover new and positive strategies to overcome our blockages.



Learning how to get in to a super confident state in seconds is a brilliant resource to have within your toolkit.



Using Time Line Therapy you can remove the negative emotions attached to past events allowing positive energy to be created in it's place



Learning how to communicate effectively and building instant rapport with anyone you meet can be the difference between failure and success.



Discovering exactly how 'success' is done you can model that behaviour allowing you to create new success strategies that work for you.