Gain that trust within yourself to do the things that scares you 

Do you ever stop yourself from doing something just because that inner chatter tells you can not do it, yet deep down you know you can?

Confidence is something that appears when fear is not present.

How much value would you get from being able to turn down inappropriate or unwarranted fear so you can do things that will get you where you want to be?

Using a blend of NLP and Hypnotherapy I can work with you to slide your fear scale down to safe, appropriate levels, so your inner confidence has room to grow. After just one session my clients have reported they are taking deliberate, proactive actions that previously been blocked by the unwarranted fears.

You may need more than one session to feel better for good and you expected that, yet you'll be surprised how different you feel in so few and so quickly. After an initial consultation chat we can discuss fully everything I need to know if we are a good match. It is important for you to feel comfortable working with and for me to know if I can actually help you. During the full consultation I will let you know how many sessions I think you need...

Plus let's be honest...you would not be here if you were not looking for solutions to what is truly critical for you to resolve right now. Take advantage and book your FREE initial consultation, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain...and I work differently to many others...my fee is fixed for a 'FIX' and not per session so for the same fee we agree I will not stop working with you until you feel better for good. It doesn't get fairer than that and I am sure you'll agree. You will have to do your bit too...attend the session, follow the strategies and undertake the agreed work.


To book your FREE initial consultation click below and pick a time to speak as soon as possible. If you have any questions just ask and I will answer them for you. 

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