A great introduction to NLP. You'll get an overview of how it can benefit all area of your life, including better communication, positive thinking and achieving your goals and experience some useful techniques to start putting it into practice immediately.  - JULIE T.


A concise, informative introduction to NLP, which gives you many tools with which to improve communication with yourself and others, whether for your personal or work life. Opens the door to further NLP training if you decide to take it.TRISH S.

Gain understanding, control of your unconscious mind and improved communication with our 2 online live virtual classroom sessions.

This course will give you the knowledge and skills to take control of your unconscious mind enabling you to change your feelings easily and quickly so you can communicate effectively enabling influence with others.

You already know that communication has a truly powerful effect when done well and can change the whole outcome depending upon your state of mind.


Getting into the best frame for delivering your message can sometimes be really easy and others times difficult. Imagine what your life would be like if you could get into the most resourceful state you could beforehand, and then use language in a way that the people you are communicating with fully understand you.


Dave Beadle has condensed 20 years of working with people and being an NLP Master Practitioner into 2 live virtual classes, with the sole purpose of helping you accelerate your growth and development with an Introduction To NLP, and empowering your to communicate effectively with yourself and others.


Dave will openly and honestly share his learnings and the developments he has made as a result of his own personal development with NLP. He will also teach you how to notice what other people’s preferred communication and learning style is so you maximise the impact of your own communication.


This unique 6 live online virtual classes will give you everything to ensure have the skills to personally understand how you can change your own state with ease, plus creating a compelling goal that will drive you to the next level of development.


The live virtual classes have been designed to allow you time to take on the information and apply the new knowledge and skills over a few weeks maximising the impact.


Come and download an introduction to NLP in just 2 live virtual sessions and…

  • Discover the prime directives of your unconscious mind and how you can use them to change your state and communicate effectively with others.

  • Uncover your preferred communication and learning style, whilst discovering how to find what others are covertly.

  • Begin to master the art of presenting information that meets everyone’s preferred communication style.


Having the confidence and capability to change your state and communicate effectively through understanding the unconscious mind means you can thrive in any direction you wish to develop.


The 2 live virtual classroom sessions will focus on:


Introduction to NLP

  • How your unconscious mind creates states and creating new resourceful states.

  • Discover the representational systems that yourself and others have which determines the best format of communication.

  • How to build rapport quickly with those you meet and communicate with directly and indirectly.

  • Uncovering what motivates people unconsciously through their underlying programming and how you can use that in presenting information effectively.


Plus there will be plenty of time for you to ask questions to help you grow faster.


Please note this is not training for NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis or Coaching. It is designed to give you an introduction to NLP to give you an insight or to start you on your NLP journey.


Dave is an accomplished trainer for the past 15 years delivering training to thousands of people from all walks of life. Dave is now also empowering people to create powerful lives through NLP Master Coaching.

energy flows were the focus goes 

Doing NLP with Dave was enlightening, to say the least. Being able to let go of things I wasn't aware of in my subconscious feels like a weight being lifted off me. I highly recommend the service offered, Dave is honest and makes what could be a very difficult process to feel natural and never took me out of my comfort zone. The session was done remotely via a web link due to geographical limits so that's also a big plus for me. 



Dave was amazing. I’ve suffered from anxiety and self-doubt for a few years and never really understood how to control it. After my session with Dave I felt more at ease and able to think more clearly. I’d recommend his services to anyone feeling overwhelmed, confused and mentally exhausted.


you can change your life through taking action

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COURSE: Introduction To NLP

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*Full dates: 16th & 17th December 2020