Neuro Linguistic Programming

Your minds user manual to how you do you

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Bandler and Grinder founders of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Progamming) began their journeys with NLP in the early 1970's discovering and modelling the behavioural patterns of selected geniuses in their fields of work. These included psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, therapist, hypnotherapists and behaviouralists.


These models developed the understanding, language and programming of the mind. 

NLP's Uses

NLP can be used in a wide range of ways including education, training, leaderships, sales, marketing, change work and therapy.

I personally focus upon therapy and change work that enables individuals (including myself) to make the changes they deserve in life to get the best outcome and the goals you wish to achieve.

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Communicating Unconsciously

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and they just did not get a single thing you were communicating. You were speaking the same language, yet it seemed you were communicating in a totally different language.

Unconsciously you were speaking a different language and when you learn and see how others communicate, it will sound just right, with the feeling of true connection.

This can be exactly the same for your own conscious and unconscious mind...they are mis-communicating leaving you often feeling anxious, nervous, scared, overwhelmed and confused.

Using NLP and understanding how we communication with ourselves we can change the outcomes and results we get.

What NLP Can Help

NLP has many different applications and can help with the following:

  • Overcoming fears and phobias

  • Removing self limiting beliefs

  • Overcoming stage fright

  • Change the way you think

  • Increase confidence

  • Setting well formed goals

  • Inner peace

  • Releasing negative emotions

  • Happiness

And so much more!