As quickly as you learnt how to do your phobia you can learn to not do it

Do you have a fear or phobia in your life that is preventing you from being truly free?

How different would your life be without?

We are only born with two fears, falling and loud noises, all the rest we learn. Most fears and phobias are learnt at a young age...and if your young mind can easily create it, you much wiser, older and more knowledgable mind can unlearn it and learn something new and beneficial.

Using a blend of NLP and Hypnotherapy I can work with you to reduce and remove the feelings you have almost immediately. After just one session my clients have reported they are their fear is drastically reduced if not gone.

You may need more than one session to feel better for good and you expected that, yet you'll be surprised how different you feel in just one. After an initial consultation chat we can discuss fully everything I need to know if we are a good match. It is important for you to feel comfortable working with and for me to know if I can actually help you. During the full consultation I will let you know how many sessions I think you need...


HOWEVER...I work differently to many others, my fee is fixed for a 'FIX' and not per session so for the same fee we agree I will not stop working with you until you feel better for good. It doesn't get fairer than that and I am sure you'll agree. You will have to do your bit too...attend the session, follow the strategies and undertake the agreed work.


To book your FREE initial consultation click below and pick a time to speak as soon as possible. If you have any questions just ask and I will answer them for you. 


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