4 Mindset of Successful People

What is detailed below are a number of beliefs that successful people operate from, now I am not saying that the following beliefs are true they may not be, but when people with successful mindset act as if they are true, in the world, with people and in their actions, they then see massive success and results.

So as you read through this blog let go of whether it is true or not, but work from a place does it work for me? Filter the following information through three questions.

  • Does it empower me?

  • Does it give me more choice?

  • Does it give me greater results? 

Providing that the answer to those questions empowers you, gives you more choice and greater results, then act as if the information is true and see the results from your actions.

Cause > Effect

A little law of the universe everything is created and doesn't happen by random. Something has had to cause these events, thoughts and actions to happen. So the question is which side of this equation are you on in your life? Are you at 'effect' of the situations, circumstances or people? Or are you the creator of the things in your life and be at 'cause'?

Successful people tend to live on the cause side of the equation, and whenever anything happens to them in their world, they ask themselves "how did I create this?" "and what do I need to do differently in the future to create something different?" "what can I learn from this, the learning of which will enable me to have things the way that I want them the next time around?".

So how far will you take this belief? The further you take it the greater the results you will get. So challenge yourself now to start operating from that mindset and as you experience is somehow your creation, whether you did it consciously or unconsciously. Ask yourself "how did I create this? What do I need to do differently to create a different outcome?".

So why would you want to be on the cause side of the equation? It is all about choice, because when you are at effect you are stuck with it. Because what you are creating in your life is out of your control and therefore you have to wait for it to change and not you. Somebody at cause side would be asking themselves what have I done to create this and what do I need to change to create what I want? Therefore a successful mindset is about choice, control and power by creation and not effect. 

Results vs Excuses

It seems in life there is either one or the other...a result or excuse. Think about it, have you ever asked someone for something to be done by a set date and they don't, what do you get from them...a load of reasons and excuses as to why they didn't get the result.

Someone with a successful mindset does not accept excuses and only believe in the results. Now imagine if you put a cross through your excuses, all you would be left with is just the results.

A little challenge for you, over the next week, note all the reasons/excuses you use for why a result isn't achieved. All these reasons and excuses are just self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your desired outcome and result.

Imagine a future having no reasons or excuses what would your life be like? What would you see, hear and feel? And remember beliefs are not true we just act as if they are, and you can change your beliefs.

Perception is Projection

This comes from the work of Carl Jung. Now, what Carl Jung actually said was "Everything that you perceive outside of you, situations, circumstances, events, people, etc., are all a projection from inside of you." He said that as soon as you become aware of it, it's you. So in a way what Carl was actually saying is very similar to cause and effect. He's saying that all that you actually have about the world around you and the people around you is your perception. What you perceive is what you believe.

You don't really know what is going on outside of you, only what you perceive. Your perception of that is created from a projection inside of you. You may have experienced this when someone shares their experience of a person and tells you what they are like...then when you go to meet them you dread it...yet when you actually meet them you get on really well. You did not meet a different person, you just had a different perception of that person from the projections that you created. Two different perceptions, two different projections, two different results.

Someone with a successful mindset will project and perceive success from within, caused by their outside actions. Cause > Effect...be at 'cause' of your success and project it, be at 'cause' of your confidence and project it, be at 'cause' of your strength and project it. Create what you want others to perceive from your perception and projection.

So here is another challenge for you, note all your perceptions of places, people, events, situations, and what you are projecting from within. Just like you might do when you perceive a party is going to be brilliant, what do you project, or visa versa. What perceptions could change by being at cause and creating a different outcome or result. Note that you only want results and not excuses.

Responsible for Results

So who is responsible for the result you get? I think you know already who is responsible from what you have read already. The best way to experience this is by doing this for yourself...many people think I make people hypnotise or go into a trance...this is not true.

So if I was to ask you to close your eyes, and you choose to do it or not...who is responsible for the result? If I then say relax the muscles around your eyes so much that you can't relax them any more...who is responsible for this result? Now holding onto that relaxation of the muscles around your eyes try and open them...now if you have followed the instructions and done everything that is asked of you, you will not be able to open your eyes. Now the question if you did do all of this, did I put you into a trance? The answer is no, you choose to follow the instructions and you put yourself into a trance. The result you got was your responsibility.

So who is responsible for the results you get from reading this blog article? Is it me or you? It's you, I can't put any of these mindsets into action for you, yet when you act as if they are true and take action upon them you can and will see results because you have created them.

So what next?

You now have knowledge about the beliefs that people with successful mindsets have...ask yourself the questions I posed at the beginning...if you were to act as if they were true would you...

...become empowered?

...have more choice?

...have greater results?

If the answer is yes then be at cause, create your world that provides you with results and when you do you will perceive and project your success and you can do this as you are responsible for these results and when you do it will confirm that you created what you focused upon.

If there is still an element of doubt inside then working directly with myself we can explore and discover the roots of your doubts and when you do work with me I will teach you how you can transform yourself into that success you want and to give you your freedom. To start your journey it is really simple, just get in touch by email, telephone, chat or social media and we will build your personalised package together.

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