NLP 2.0 by David Shephard

David Shephard is one of the UK's leading NLP Trainers who was personally trained by Tad James the creator of Time Line Therapy one of NLP's powerful tools has developed a set of additional NLP Presuppositions.

Over the past four week David and Peter Cameron-Burnett founder of have been discussing these additional presuppositions in detail via a series of Facebook lives which are now available on YouTube. These four videos take a deeper diver into the following presuppositions with both David and Peter sharing their individual insights and knowledge from both their individual fields.


The Presuppositions of NLP 2.0

  1. Everything is a model.

  2. There is only now.

  3. The problem is never outside of you, its always inside of you.

  4. There is no objective reality, everything is subjective.

  5. Everything and everybody is your projection.

  6. Everybody is at cause for everything - including the illusion of being at effect.

  7. The universe and nothing in it is linear.

  8. Words have energy and power.

  9. NLP, TLT, Mental Energy Release, Huna, Hypnosis work for everybody every time as long as certain conditions are met.

  10. There is no absolute truth, you create your own.

  11. There is no certainty outside of you, you create it inside of you.

  12. Everything is energy.


The Presuppositions of NLP 2.0 - Video 1

The Presuppositions of NLP 2.0 - Video 2

The Presuppositions of NLP 2.0 - Video 3

The Presuppositions of NLP 2.0 - Video 4

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