Do you want your team to fail due to poor mental well-being?

No? is there anything more you could be doing to make sure you aren't? you really know if the team is fully coping with life? ...are you or your team members wearing masks all day every day and hiding the truth?

If your team are hiding these feelings for whatever reason, there is a high possibility that they are underperforming and productivity isn't as high as it could be...or worse case scenario they are on sick leave and you are having to cover their workload, increasing your own stress levels and business costs.

As leaders, surely it is your role to stay strong and lead from the matter how tough the work is or what is going cannot show any weakness as your team will think less of that right?

Being honest about your feelings and how you are managing them is really hard within the corporate world...well in any world...public, personal or professional.

The stigma surrounding mental ill-health and mental well-being is still far too high, even with all the progress that has happened over the past few years.

With this stigma there is a large amount of fear...fear of reactions, fear of gossip, fear of losing your job, fear of losing your family and fear of losing yourself.

You already know the statistic of 1 in 4 will experience mental ill-health in their look around your office/workspace and "do the maths", is it you, or is it one of your colleagues?

You may have had members of your team trained as Mental Health First Aiders, who have been given a greater skill set of recognising mental ill-health and help them to start conversations...but do you or they have the skills to share across your team enabling them to manage their stress, anxiety and depression? No?

So why would you want to learn these skills? Would it be beneficial for you and your team to have a set of skills creating resilience and to be able to control their stress, anxiety and depression so they didn't have the big impact destroying them from the inside? So what benefit would that have on the team goals, outcomes and vision?

As someone who has personally worn these masks and created my own personal and professional downfall by not addressing them sooner, and for whatever the reasons that I couldn't share due to stigma and fear, I am now working with individuals and organisations to build up their skills to prevent this happening for others. By doing so this is creating stronger individuals, environments and cultures; now if this sounds like something you would be interested learning more about for yourself and your team, it is very much worth one day of your time to come, see, hear and feel what I can offer.

We have a series of events coming up during 2019 across South Wales and London that will take you on this great journey of discovery and exploration of what you can do to make sure you are not failing your team. Alternatively I can come in and work directly with your not fail your team, take action before it is too late.

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