Introduction To NLP - Online LIVE Virtual Workshop

Before you read any further ask and answer yourself these three questions...some people struggle to communicate face to face with others...

  • Does this happen to you? - yes...

  • Does this stop you from even trying? - yes...

  • Do wish the world would swallow you up? - yes...

As an introduction to NLP, you will get a brilliant foundation to springboard yourself forward no matter what direction creating positive states you need to achieve your success.


If you want to gain an understanding of how the mind communicates with itself, creating all your states positive and negative, then this introduction to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) diploma is perfect for you.

...and it is possible for you to gain an understanding and to control your unconscious mind, which will improve communication with yourself and others...

Imagine what your life would be like with that control, because when you put into practice what you can learn on the Introduction to NLP you can start to master your communication, which causes lasting changes in your communication.


Don't just trust my words - here are two quotes from those who have attended the workshop.

A great introduction to NLP. You'll get an overview of how it can benefit all area of your life, including better communication, positive thinking and achieving your goals and experience some useful techniques to start putting it into practice immediately. - JULIE T.
A concise, informative introduction to NLP, which gives you many tools with which to improve communication with yourself and others, whether for your personal or work life. Opens the door to further NLP training if you decide to take it. - TRISH S.

As an introduction to NLP, you will get a brilliant foundation to springboard yourself forward no matter what direction you want to take.

This workshop is delivered online LIVE via a virtual workshop over 6 sessions allowing you the time to take on the information and as you do you will become skilled in your own communication style and because you have time you can then practice your new skills with others.

As you study and download the knowledge and skills during the session you learn about:

  • The prime directives (the rules) of your unconscious mind and how you can use them to create states you want with ease to allow to communicate effectively...

  • You'll discover your preferred communication and learning style, whilst discovering how to find what others are and covertly...

  • Begin to mast the art of presenting information the meets everyone's preferred sytle...

Having confidence and capability because you can change your state (mood/feelings) using the skills shared means you can thrive in any direction.

This workshop will be delivered by myself, Dave Beadle Master Practitioner, with over 15 years of delivering training to thousands of people from all walks of life, using a wide range of skills that will enhance you personally and professionally. I also empowering other people to create powerful lives through NLP Master Coaching:

Doing NLP with Dave was enlightening, to say the least. Being able to let go of things I wasn't aware of in my subconscious feels like a weight being lifted off me. I highly recommend the service offered, Dave is honest and makes what could be a very difficult process to feel natural and never took me out of my comfort zone. The session was done remotely via a web link due to geographical limits so that's also a big plus for me. - RICHARD P.
Dave was amazing. I’ve suffered from anxiety and self-doubt for a few years and never really understood how to control it. After my session with Dave I felt more at ease and able to think more clearly. I’d recommend his services to anyone feeling overwhelmed, confused and mentally exhausted. - ALEXIS C.

The online LIVE virtual workshops are delivered at a variety of times and when they do launch there is always an opportunity to take advantage of Early Bird Tickets. You could save £140. The Introduction To NLP workshop is £197 so if you securing your Early Bird seat it is just £57.

Because spaces are limited they often go quickly and because they are limited it means those who attended get a personal experience and opportunity to share their own journey and ask questions which boost your learning experience even more.

So if you want even more information and to claim your seat click here and it will take you to the Introduction To NLP page on our site.

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