Think and Grow Rich

In 1937 Napoleon Hill published a book he titled “Think and Grow Rich.” It was the result of twenty-five years of research that Napoleon personally did by interviewing over 500 of the wealthiest, most influential people alive at that time. He interviewed people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, William Wrigley, Jr., George Eastman, John D. Rockefeller, and so many more. The purpose of this research was to identify the “secrets” that allowed the people he interviewed to be so successful in life.

During his research, Napoleon was introduced to a “six-step process” that anyone can use to help achieve a goal.

The linked worksheet will help as your tool to help you apply the “six-step process.”

Keep in mind that this process has been helping people all over the world achieve better results and not just money. There is no question that it works when it is followed it to the letter. This is the MUST follow every step as they are explained in this document and in the book. Anything less than that creates the chance that you will not accomplish what you set out to do.

The main principle is that is not a wish and it will become real, you are going to need to work at it with an absolute determination and in return you will receive what you focus up.

This focus is true of anything...what you focus upon you will find and see proof all around you. Therefore if you fill your mind full of negativity you will attract more of it into your life as that is what your unconscious is attracted too. Therefore if you want positivity...then focus upon what you want rather than what you do not want.


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