What F is going on?

We have all heard of fight or flight, have you heard of the other three F's?

Did you know there are three more F's that we do when we are presented with sensory input?

All human beings respond instinctively from the primitive parts of our brain and is done unconsciously based upon all our learnings and past experiences. The unconscious mind records everything we receive through our senses. These learnt behaviours are then used automatically to future exposures, why would it be beneficial for you to learn about these and even learn to re-programme your automatic behaviours?


We learn our first defensive strategy of Friend as newborn. As a newborn we are pretty defenceless and the only way we defend ourselves is to cry and call out for our protector. Our cries send out a signal to our caregiver/friend to come and help. Over this first year, with increased skills and abilities we build up other methods of this strategy, raising our arms up, moving towards protection. This can also be described as attachment, and as adults we can still do this - we attach/call for support from others to protect us when we are vulnerable. This form of strategy can be deeply damaged by those who are survivors of abuse, as they can sometimes have their confidence knocked in their abilities to seek protection and or protect themselves.


When your brains decides that friend, fight or flight will not work in this situation it runs the programme that freezes the body. We have all seen someone or maybe ourselves have frozen when asked to do a task - may be a speech or presentation. The basis of the this strategy is a survival mechanism where if we keep still the perceived predator will not see them. When this happens the body releases an opioid that enables a protective numbing of the body and mind in the event of inevitable harm. Because this immobilises the body, it protects it from further injury and gives the body a chance of surviving and recovery. Due to the paralysing factors individuals who do 'freeze' can sometimes feel additional negative emotions after the event including guilt and self anger for 'not doing something'.


Flop occurs when the freeze mechanism fails and the final defence strategy is applied 'flop'. This is when the body goes into total submission and the muscle go into 'atonic' state - 'floppy'. This can also result in the higher thinking function of the brain also shuts down and the individual becomes 'zombie-like' and very submissive and suggestive leading them to do as they are told.


So imagine if you were able to control by re-progamming your unconscious mind to take positive steps towards what initiates negative emotions often through fear. You may recognise similar behaviours with those who do phobias and irrational fears.

What would your life be like if you could re-programme the automatic and default thinking that has been "protecting you" and replace them with how you really want to behave in those situations - may be confidence, joy, pleasure, empowered or exhilaration?

NLP can be the key to opening up the unconscious mind to new thinking and programming, if this is something you would like to know more about, then book a free consultation call to learn more about how I can help you. CLICK HERE TO BOOK A CONSULTATION CALL #FightFlight #Freeze #Friend #Flop #Fear #Phobia #Speech #Presentation

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