Sports Performance

Sport is not just physical, train the mind as much as the body

Do you have the skill, yet you keep missing the major win?

Train your mind as much as the body.

After coaching for many years as a Junior Welsh Badminton National Coach a match can easily lost or won before even stepping onto the court.

Using a blend of NLP and Hypnotherapy I can work with you to be match mental fit, so you do not beat yourself before you even start

So whether sport is a hobby or a profession to you can always improve  you performance. This goes beyond the game day hype, having the ability to focus and stay more than your opponent can get you the win. Big game nerves can easily be a thing of the past.


I work differently to many others, my fee is fixed for a 'FIX' and not per session so for the same fee we agree I will not stop working with you until you feel better for good. It doesn't get fairer than that and I am sure you'll agree. You will have to do your bit too...attend the session, follow the strategies and undertake the agreed work.


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