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Time Line Therapy

A powerful technique for releasing negative emotions

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Time Line Therapy is powerful therapeutic process using hypnosis and NLP developed by Tad James PhD in 1980's used to release past negative emotions on events and memories from your past.

It is extremely quick, powerful without the need to share your memories or experiences to a therapist, it is 'content free'.

Additionally it is used to remove self limiting beliefs from our past changing our present beliefs into positive and empowering beliefs.

Why release negative emotions

Negative emotions create dis-ease within the body which is exhausting and draining. Unre-solved negative emotions affects the physical and mental health which can develop into a range of physical and mental symptoms.


I like to describe the trapped negative mental emotions as 'energy credits' that are costing you 5x as much as positive 'energy credits'. Each day you only have a limited budget and if you are spending all your budget on keeping the negative emotions in check it will eventually cause greater dis-ease.


Releasing the negative emotions through Time Line Therapy enables you to take the positive learnings from past events and memories, re-solving your energy credits to use on getting the outcomes you want and deserve.  

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Communicating Unconsciously

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and they just did not get a single thing you were communicating. You were speaking the same language, yet it seemed you were communicating in a totally different language.

Unconsciously you were speaking a different language and when you learn and see how others communicate, it will sound just right, with the feeling of true connection.

This can be exactly the same for your own conscious and unconscious mind...they are mis-communicating leaving you often feeling anxious, nervous, scared, overwhelmed and confused.

Using NLP and understanding how we communication with ourselves we can change the outcomes and results we get.