COVID 19 has meant we have had to change our delivery style and methods. This has meant at the moment I am online delivering online LIVE virtual workshops.

This means you can still get your training and development without the risk or having to create a COVID safe environment.

Checkout out the workshops below...and if what you are looking for is not there, just ask. If I can not help I am sure I know someone who will.


“If you want to gain an understanding of how the mind communicates with itself, creating all your states positive and negative, then this introduction to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) diploma is perfect for you.”

Gain understanding, control of your unconscious mind and improved communication with my 6 online LIVE virtual classroom sessions.

The 6 live virtual classroom sessions will focus on:

  • How your unconscious mind creates states and creating new resourceful states.

  • Discover the representational systems that yourself and others have which determines the best format of communication.

  • How to build rapport quickly with those you meet and communicate with directly and indirectly.

  • Uncovering what motivates people unconsciously through their underlying programming and how you can use that in presenting information effectively.


Plus there will be plenty of time for you to ask questions to help you grow faster.

beliefs are not true, we just act as if they are


“The three R's - resilience, resilience, how we gain this can be the easiest thing to achieve when you learn the know-how and skills."

School life is all about the sharing of knowledge and having experiences that allow you to grow. Learning how to quickly and easily you can change a feeling is one of the secret skills​​ you wish you were shown when you were in school.

With a variety of workshops and programmes, you and your school can really make a difference in the mental wellbeing of your staff and pupils. The benefits of learning NLP skills will massively improve communication, performance outcomes and attendance.

the biggest step to change is taking action


“Are you fixed or are you growing in your mindset? Collectively being with likeminded people sharing energy, growing and learning collectively."

A growing group of likeminded people discuss, learn and the sharing in their changing of mindset to see, hear and feel the possibility of a different future through action.

This group is a free for now to join and be engaged with the sessions and learning opportunities, plus access to training session at reduced rates.

Dave was amazing. I’ve suffered from anxiety and self-doubt for a few years and never really understood how to control it. After my session with Dave I felt more at ease and able to think more clearly. I’d recommend his services to anyone feeling overwhelmed, confused and mentally exhausted.